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Diversity & Inclusion

Somewhere there’s a group of people trying to improve their organization. They know that increasing diversity increases productivity, morale and ultimately the bottom line. Maybe you’re in that group. You’ve got high hopes and that’s great. But…

Sorry to tell you. You’re probably doing it wrong.

When you don’t have the right people in the room, you often end up alienating the people you’re trying to include. You can’t have a bunch of people from one group come up with a plan for another group and then ask “What do you people think about this plan?”

Don’t worry. Many organizations are in the same boat. Glen can help.
Glen has the tools you need to increase cultural
competency in your organization & life.
Who is Glen?

Cultural Competency Navigator

Does your organization want to be #DiversityGoals? Glen has made it his mission to help organizations and individuals understand how to navigate the complex nature of culture. Whether you’re an organization looking to improve profitability and productivity or an individual trying to navigate the culture in which they live, Glen can help you evaluate your goals and increase your cultural competency. You’ll improve profitability, increase productivity, lead with innovation and value the dignity of all people.

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What Did Glen Write?
A Guide to Discovering Your Call in a Cluttered World

Welcome to the adventure of discovering your IDEAL me. Glen’s debut book, THE IDEAL ME, is a cultural guidebook for youth, young adults and those who support them to find their IDEAL life. That IDEAL life is typically just at our fingertips, just one choice or decision away. But we can get distracted by the shiny lives of others, the overload of information, and the constant input from those around us.

Following your divine call will not guarantee happiness, but that call to your IDEAL life is like a song that you can’t get out of your head. Once the call has been heard, there is no satisfaction for those that choose not to answer.

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What Does Glen Talk About?
Cultural Competency, Leadership, Calling
…But that’s not it

Glen has spoken to thousands in the United States and abroad. His broad expertise in organizational structure, anti-racism and safe work environments, non-profit and religious organizations, working with youth and young adults makes him well-equipped to speak to diverse audiences. He presents on topics related to cultural competency, diversity between generations, innovative leadership, identity and more.

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