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Jesus doesn’t need a denomination, but you might

Jesus doesn’t need a denomination, but you might

The leadership education department at Duke University asks a good question: What’s the future of denominations? As a current denominational leader on an unsteady ship I probably think about this every single day and twice on Monday. As a former pastor I think, “Do I really need BIG denomination? Local ministry is where it is […]

4 Things I Learned from My Family Vacation from Social Media
July 10, 2015

4 Things I Learned from My Family Vacation from Social Media

I decided to do something radical on my last family vacation. I did not post anything on social media. That is not to say we did not take a bunch of pictures and of course I bought a selfie-stick, but instead of sharing our vacation with the world, we just shared our photos with each […]

Ferguson = #BusinessAsUsual

Today is my birthday. (Originally posted on 11/26/2014) I am not one to get too excited about these special days or isolated celebrations. I tell my family, you don’t have to do anything special for me on my birthday. Love me every day. Get good grades in school. Be great citizens. Support me when I […]

What You Talkin’ Bout God?
June 4, 2015

What You Talkin’ Bout God?

I believe that God still speaks to His people, but sometimes I want to scream, “God! Get your message straight. You are confused.” On a regular basis, I hear the men and women of God explaining how they have “heard from God” or how they have discerned God’s will. I get emails from angry conservatives […]

May 12, 2015

Daddy Tips for My Daughter

As I watch my oldest daughter prepare for college, I realize just how fast the past 17 years have flown by. The memories of my baby girl are fading and have been replaced by images of a young woman who is a beautiful amalgamation of my wife and me. While I want oh so badly to hold on to my first born, […]