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Episode 2: Grace Chaser
July 24, 2015

Episode 2: Grace Chaser

This week’s episodes features, Cicely Gosier (Go-see-er)

Age: 29

Cicely has a passion for the arts and impacting youth. Last June, her non-profit Grace Chasers was established and combines both of these. Through free & low-cost creative arts programs, Grace Chasers empowers young people to positively express themselves while also guiding them as they figure out their true identity and purpose.

Cicely describes herself as a “dreamer, believer, and overachiever.” She is a firm believer that we were all created to create something good. Her life’s goal is to help others recognize the greater inside of them and the God of creation whom that greatness comes from.

Find out more about Grace Chasers:


Twitter: @cicelymonique; @gracechasers

FaceBook: fb.com/gracechasersinc

Favorite quote: “We meet no ordinary people in our lives.” —C.S. Lewis



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