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Identity: The Dangers of Cultural Trauma and the Internal conflict of Racial Ethnic People
February 7, 2018

Identity: The Dangers of Cultural Trauma and the Internal conflict of Racial Ethnic People

Are you comfortable with the skin you are in?

In this episode, Crystal drops the bomb on Glen, the knowledge bomb. As part of her work Crystal helps African-Americans and biracial people deal with the trauma of not fully “belonging” to one groups’ racial identity. Cultural Disengagement is not an orientation on the Intercultural Competence Continuum. It involves the degree of connection or disconnection an individual or group experiences toward a primary cultural community. If one is not fully resolved in this aspect of their identity, it can lead to anxiety, depression, and isolation.

This is a deep subject. If you are a bi-racial person I encourage you to read Poston’s theory

Taken from: Biracial Identity Development and Recommendations in Therapy

Race is a category manufactured or socially constructed to distinguish a group of people based on physical characteristics. Although the history of the concept of race is beyond the scope of this article, it is important to note a few historical points to put things into context. According to the American Anthropological Association, in spite of scientific evidence to the contrary, people have been conditioned to view human races as natural and separate divisions. In fact, however, the “physical variations in the human species have no meaning except the social ones that humans put on them.”4

Crystal Morrison-Joseph, CCM, NCC, LCPC, LPC joins me again for another fun episode.

Show Notes

02:44 Crystal drops the knowledge bomb on Glen
04:32 Glen shares his ancestry DNA results you can see the full results here.
05:49 Struggling with racial identity (I can’t unzip my skin)
07:13 Race is arbitrary
11:41 Intra-cultural struggles
14:57 What do you do when you don’t fit into either camp? Poston’s Identity Model of Biracial Identity
21:40 Kodak Black

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