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  • Who Am I? Discovering your Identity to start Living The IDEAL LIFE II.2
Who Am I? Discovering your Identity to start Living The IDEAL LIFE II.2
January 10, 2018

Who Am I? Discovering your Identity to start Living The IDEAL LIFE II.2


This week Crystal Morrison-Joseph, CCM, NCC, LCPC, LPC joins me again and we talk about identity. Identity is the concept we have of our role in the world around us. We are complex beings. We are more than one thing and our identity encompasses many aspects of who we are. Are you struggling with identity? Is someone trying to put you in a box? Listen to this episode of the StepOut! Podcast as we continue to discuss how to live YOUR IDEAL life.



What makes up our identity?

  1. Race
  2. Ethnicity
  3. Sexual-Orientation
  4. Gender
  5. Abilities
  6. Religion/Spirituality
  7. Nationality
  8. Socio-Economic Status

Show Notes

02:05 Five aspects of the IDEAL life
02:35 Eight aspects of identity
04:25 Social media triggers
07:25 Skateboard story
09:31 Social media and the brain
11:41 Dealing with social media
13:46 Males and self-esteem
16:35 Good grooming makes you feel better
18:57 Take care of what you have and be confident

order to reach our goals, we have had to learn how to wade through all of our life experiences, all of the bits and pieces of wisdom that we have been given and figure out the best path for our individual lives. Avoid the pitfalls that lead to teen and young adult depression, anxiety, and general hopelessness about the future. You have great power in determining how the current circumstances of life will impact your future.

The path to your IDEAL life involves answering five questions:

  • Who am I?
  • Where do I want to go in life?
  • How do I stay relevant in an ever-changing world?
  • How can I stay sharp and honed in on my IDEAL path?
  • How do I release the baggage of my past and continue to move forward in life?

Using those five questions, I have developed the IDEAL framework for helping people just like you to discover your calling in life. These will help you develop your healthy identity in our cluttered and dynamic world.

  1. AM
  5. LET GO

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