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Are you looking for a trusted partner to help your organization create a more inclusive and equitable workplace? Look no further than Glen Guyton, a seasoned consultant and expert in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) and Intercultural Competency.

Glen works with organizations that want to increase profits & productivity through building intercultural competency. Accomplish your mission with less stress, reduced risk, and greater efficiency.
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With over 30 years of practical experience, Glen has a wealth of knowledge and expertise to help organizations navigate the complex nature of culture. His approach to consulting is rooted in his belief that true change requires systemic and individual-level transformation. He is passionate about helping organizations break down the systemic barriers that many marginalized individuals face to create more equitable and productive environments.

Glen’s expertise in DEI and intercultural competency is grounded in his experiences as a Black man growing up in Houston, Texas, and as a proven executive leading and building diverse teams. He has worked nationally and internationally with a diverse range of organizations, including corporations, non-profits, educational institutions, and government agencies. Glen has helped these organizations develop and implement DEI strategies, design and deliver training programs, and navigate complex cultural dynamics.

Glen’s customized solutions empower leaders to achieve their organizational goals and make individuals feel valued and empowered to contribute their full potential to the organization’s mission.

His ability to connect with diverse groups has been demonstrated through his work with Kindergarten students, corporate CEOs, generals, religious leaders, and meeting planners.

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Engaging. Thoughtful. Interactive. Inclusive. Fun.

“What an outstanding, energizing and “accountable” experience — and done during “COVID TIMES” so all virtual. To have an all-colleague gathering to help us have increased awareness and to have that be a very engaging hour online? Just stellar!

We will improve our conversations and be more cognizant of our many biases.

Smart and timely investment — in your organization and your people!”

Ann Kent

Cultural Competency Navigator. Keynote Speaker. Seminar Presenter.
Glen has the ability to share difficult and complex information related to diversity & inclusion and cultural competency with diverse groups.
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Glen will help you in quantifying the effectiveness of your diversity & inclusion goals giving you a measurable baseline. He offers additional programs for educational institutions, non-profits, & meeting professionals.

Glen’s accomplishments in DEI and intercultural competency have been widely recognized. He is the first person of color to be selected as the Executive Director of MC USA, and has served on a variety of boards and committees. His expertise in understanding culture has taken him from being a nerdy kid growing up in the suburbs of Houston, Texas to becoming an Air Force Officer in the United States Air Force. He has also been featured in numerous publications.

If you want to remain relevant in this global information age, cultural competence is essential. Glen Guyton and his DEI consulting firm are here to help you build a more inclusive and equitable workplace. With his deep expertise and commitment to creating sustainable and quantifiable positive change, Glen is a true leader in DEI and intercultural competency.

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