Diversity & Inclusion Training, Workshops & Programs

Diversity & Inclusion in the workplace is just the right thing to do.

…and when done correctly, it also has its benefits.

Are you wondering how to lay the groundwork for developing an inclusive workplace environment for you, your staff, and your clients?

Eliminating discrimination and bias has risen to the forefront in recent months, but racism and other forms of discrimination are nothing new. Discrimination in any form is a workplace disruption. It takes the focus off our mission, it consumes time and resources, and it hinders our ability to service our clients effectively. As we seek to reach our goals with less stress and greater harmony, we must always evaluate our culture to ensure that our current culture aligns with strategic goals.

My Diversity & Inclusion Training solutions will help you reach your business goals and become a more culturally competent organization.

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Staff Training

How Does it Work?

You may be wondering what makes my solutions different from other diversity training programs you’ve seen online. I fix broken systems and processes. Racism, sexism, ableism, etcetera are systemic issues that are related to organizational structures, policies, and procedures. Ideally we might want to love to change the hearts and minds of people we can’t measure the effectiveness of what lives in people hearts, but we can change behavior, organizational culture, and organizational systems to achieve tangible results.

Each program I offer has been strategically developed to help you navigate the Five Phase Cultural Competency Journey

The Five Phase Cultural Competency Journey

Organizational Commitment

Organizational Commitment

Organizational Commitment

Lasting change does not happen without significant commitment from key leaders and stakeholders. Glen will help you engage and educate your leadership team and other key stakeholders to lay the foundations for success.

E3 - Engage, Energize, Execute

E3 - Engage, Energize, Execute

E3 - Engage, Energize, Execute

Once leaders are onboard, it is time to energize & engage staff and other members of the broader constituency in shaping the desired outcomes. Glen brings the tools to not only create a measurable baseline, but to get everyone in the organize involved in the process of laying out your plan for success and moving toward greater cultural competency. 

Create the Culture

Create the Culture

Create the Culture

Cultural competency is a deep dive for organizations. It is being committed to best practices, not just awareness. Cultural awareness is a big step, but organizations have to keep moving forward and measuring their progress toward diversity, equity, and inclusion. As our workplaces become more culturally diverse, organizations must collaborate internally and externally to ensure the people we serve feel heard and are engaged in meaningful, culturally competent ways.

Manage Talent

Manage Talent

Manage Talent

We want the best-qualified people possible to be a part of our teams, our production process, and our system of people resources. One of the most important processes for an organization is talent acquisition. Anyone who says that they can’t achieve diversity and inclusion goals and get qualified people at the same time is demonstrating a lack of creativity, a lack of strategic visioning, and knowledge. Get the solutions to maximize ROI in talent acquisition, talent retention, and talent development.




This phase is simple. Did we meet our goals? Did we have the right goals, and how can we get better. Glen and his network are willing partners, able to walk with you every step of the way.

Let’s Get Started

Choose an option below and setup a 15 minute solutions call. Customized solutions are available. Additionally, options for in-person or online diversity training can be discussed on our call.

Jump Start

2-90 Minute SessionsMaking diversity and inclusion a priority
  • One introductory ZOOM webinar
  • Two 90 minute virtual training sessions
  • or 1/2 day onsite training session

Identify priorities and build a road map to cultural competency. Glen will help you pinpoint your diversity goals and put you on the path to creating a culture of success.


1+ SessionsBoard Development & Organization Accountability
  • Monthly or Quarterly ZOOM webinars
  • Guided organizational-development change management and training

Meet with Glen and other specialists monthly to review goals, discuss roadblocks, and adjust strategies as needed. Leaders will have required homework prior to each session.

Leadership Development

1-on-1 CoachingLearning to Lead Diverse Talent
  • Intercultural Development Inventory® (IDI®) assessment
  • Access to individual executive coaching

Glen will be your cultural competency navigator—walking alongside your CEO or Executive level leaders. He has a proven track record assisting managers & supervisors in becoming better leaders allowing them to create an inclusive and productive workplace.

What topics will we cover?

  • Diversity Awareness
  • Diversity Sensitivity
  • Cultural Bias
  • Intercultural Competence
  • Diverse Talent Management
  • …and more

Who can benefit from this training?

Managing employees of different races, religions, generations, abilities, languages, lifestyles, and genders can be challenging for employers, learning to navigate and communicate across cultural differences can create tension and lead to workplace disruption. Glen can help:

  • Executives looking for corporate diversity training programs
  • Business owners looking for diversity training for employees
  • HR diversity officers looking for inclusion training for managers
  • Educational Institutions & Educators looking for diversity training for students or faculty & staff

Start today! Let me help guide you through the challenges of implementing diversity & inclusion the right way.

You’re in Good Hands

Experience. I bring over twenty years of experience in working with diversity, inclusion and anti-racism.

Leadership. After being honorably discharged from my roles as an officer in the United States Air Force, I have worked in both the public and private sector. The past ten year have been spent in executive leadership, including serving as the first African-American executive director of a national nonprofit organization.

Tools. I have a variety of tools to help you achieve your goals related to:

  • Having crucial workplace conversations around racism and other forms of discrimination.
  • Improving intercultural communication.
  • Helping marginalized groups and remote workers feel connected.
  • Creating cultural competency benchmarks and measuring progress.
  • Best practices in marketing, use of images and corporate statements

Capability. I am a certified virtual presenter and I have the necessary equipment and skills to connect with your team virtually or in-person. My virtual presentations are interactive and will keep participants engaged.