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Let’s answer the questions

we all have right now

  • Where do I even begin?
  • What should our company say or do?
  • Is our organization’s statement helpful or harmful?
  • What can we do as a company to make a difference?
  • We have no racial or ethnic diversity. Who can we talk to?


Conversations on Race, Justice, and Conflict in the Workplace are Increasingly Necessary.

In times of crisis and conflict, leaders must provide solutions in their organizations.

Get Help Starting the Conversation!

More and more business leaders are faced with these questions, without help to figure out the solutions.


Virtual Crisis Response Training for Business Leaders

Learn how to respond to current events as well as work towards reaping the long-term benefits of practicing diversity and inclusion in a one day intensive virtual training session.

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Experience. I bring over twenty years of experience in working with diversity, inclusion, and anti-racism

Leadership. I have worked in executive leadership for the past ten years including serving as the first African-American executive director of a national

Tools. I have a variety of tools to help you achieve your goals related to:

  • Having crucial workplace conversations around racism and other forms of discrimination.
  • Improving intercultural communication
  • Helping marginalized groups and remote workers feel connected through a common cause or interest
  • Creating cultural competency benchmarks and measuring progress
  • Best practices in marketing, use of images, and corporate statements

Virtual capability. I am a certified virtual presenter, and I have the necessary equipment and skills to connect with your team virtually or in person. My virtual presentations are interactive and will keep participants engaged.

Glen providing staff training
Hi, I’m Glen

I’ve made it my mission to help organizations and individuals understand how to navigate the complex nature of culture. I work with organizations that want to improve productivity and profits through innovative leadership techniques and building intercultural competence.

If you’re having a hard time quantifying the effectiveness of your workplace diversity & inclusion goals or maybe never started with a measurable baseline, there’s a better way…and I can show you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you help with training for our executives and management team? Yes, change starts at that the top. As an executive myself, I am happy to coach your leaders and rising stars.

How will we measure progress? I am a qualified administrator of the Intercultural Development Inventory. I can evaluate your team and design a pathway for improvement.

How long does it take to bring about change? Change takes time and a long-term commitment to resolving the deeply rooted issue, but I have worked with organizations to accelerate the change process and create broad buy-in.

Our organization is not very diverse can you help us? Yes, I would love to work with you to think about goals and talent management. I want to help you achieve long-term success when it comes to diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Where can I learn more? I have great topics on my blog. Check it out. //