IDEAL ME: Discovering Your Call in a Cluttered World

A Cultural Guidebook
This book is not for everyone. But it may be for you.

No one book, no author can change your life. No magic formula or fairy dust will appear to make that happen. Only you can do that.

Following your divine call will not guarantee happiness, but that call to your IDEAL life is like a song that you can’t get out of your head. Once the call has been heard, there is no satisfaction for those who choose not to answer.

Ready to find the path to your IDEAL life?

This book’s purpose is not to tell you who you should be. With this book you will learn how to discover and cultivate your gifts in such a way that you don’t betray who you truly are. You betray your gifts by not producing or by producing far below your potential. Strategic exercises throughout the book will help you…


…the path you will follow and how you will respond to life.


…to stay relevant in a dynamic and sometimes unpredictable world.


…by honing your skills and being the best you can be.

Let Go

…of past hurts, failures, and negative experiences in order to move forward.