Diversity & Inclusion Speaker – Glen Guyton

Cultural Competency Navigator. Keynote Speaker. Seminar Presenter.
Glen has the ability to share difficult and complex information related to diversity & inclusion and cultural competency with diverse groups.

Glen has been praised by organizations, professional associations, and educators for his quick-witted humor and relatability. Iowa school teacher Maya Yoder raved, “We are so thankful to have Glen share with our teachers and students. He did a wonderful job introducing a complex and sometimes difficult concept in a welcoming/inviting way.”

Audiences leave Glen’s sessions equipped with the tools they need to increase cultural competency in their organizations and life. If you’re looking for a dynamic addition to your next event or an invaluable asset to your organization’s team, contact Glen today.

“Audiences feel Glen’s unique ability to deliver insightful presentations with empathy and in a spirit of fun. His talks are practical with easy-to-implement tips that are excellent for shifting behaviors.”

Crystal Washington
Professional Speaker and Tech Strategist

Signature Programs

Come as You Are: But Change Forever

Understand Diversity, Inclusion & Equity in the Workplace with a Grunge Rock Twist

  • A high-energy program that will leave your participants with an expanded view of the benefits of diversity, equity, and inclusion
  • Develop a common understanding of diversity, inclusion, and intercultural competence that will help you achieve your organizational goals
  • Learn five tools that will jumpstart a successful diversity, equity, and inclusion strategy in your organization

Changing the Culture Means Rearranging the Room

You Don’t Have to Sacrifice Great Talent to Practice Great Diversity & Inclusion

  • Explore the levels of culturally competent practices and how our behaviors impact our outcomes with clients
  • Understand the three major reasons diversity and inclusion efforts fail
  • Learn the challenges associated with shifting culture in organizations
  • Examine talent retention through a culturally competent lens

Breaking Bias

Having Bias is Not the Problem, Denying Bias Is

We all have forms of bias, and we express bias positively and negatively. Unrecognized bias is a barrier to healthy, culturally competent workplaces.

  • Explore how implicit bias manifests itself in the workplace and learn how to mitigate its negative effects
  • Explore the relationship between bias and other structural inequities in the workplace
  • Learn seven strategies for overcoming implicit bias in the workplace
Past Engagements

“Glen also stood out to us with his Certified Virtual Presenter credential. As an organization making a pivot to a virtual event for the first time due to COVID-19, having an experienced virtual presenter for this topic was extremely important to us. Glen is one of the most engaging virtual speakers that I have seen and is completely deserving of the designation. He incorporated a wide variety of techniques, including the use of music, polls, audience participation, and more. The hour went by in a flash and everyone was engaged throughout the program.”

Lindsey Flick Sullivan
Healthcare Business Management Association Education Manager

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