Diversity & Inclusion Speaker – Glen Guyton

Cultural Competency Navigator. Keynote Speaker. Seminar Presenter.
Glen has the ability to share difficult and complex information related to diversity & inclusion and cultural competency with diverse groups.

Glen has been praised by organizations, professional associations, and educators for his quick-witted humor and relatability. Iowa school teacher Maya Yoder raved, “We are so thankful to have Glen share with our teachers and students. He did a wonderful job introducing a complex and sometimes difficult concept in a welcoming/inviting way.”

Audiences leave Glen’s sessions equipped with the tools they need to increase cultural competency in their organizations and life. If you’re looking for a dynamic addition to your next event or an invaluable asset to your organization’s team, contact Glen today.

“Audiences feel Glen’s unique ability to deliver insightful presentations with empathy and in a spirit of fun. His talks are practical with easy-to-implement tips that are excellent for shifting behaviors.”

Crystal Washington
Professional Speaker and Tech Strategist

Signature Programs

Come as You Are, but Change Forever: Transforming Your Organization One Mind at a Time

Your introduction to meaningful DEI conversations doesn’t have to be boring. Start your DEI transformation with a bang in this high-energy program that focuses on key DEI principles with a grunge rock twist. The takeaway? Diversity, equity, and inclusion are for everyone. Your team will hear how transformed organizations create an equitable culture where leaders are skilled in intercultural communication and where team members have a strong sense of belonging.

Participants will:

  • Leave with an expanded view of the benefits of diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace.
  • Develop a common understanding of diversity, inclusion, and intercultural competence to help them achieve their organizational     goals.
  • Engage five tools to jumpstart a successful diversity, equity, and inclusion strategy in their organization.


  • Presentation slides

This fun and engaging program is excellent for organizations seeking to jumpstart their DEI efforts or for Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) seeking to generate excitement and engagement.

Rearranging the Room: Responding Well to Cultural Shifts in the Workplace

Cultural shifts are hard. How do you navigate the changing workplace while maintaining high standards and accountability? Often, managing change means focusing on what you should do rather than what you should avoid. Culturally competent organizations can shift cultural perspectives and appropriately adapt behavior to cultural differences and strategic commonalities. We will sharpen your understanding of cultural competence and give you the tools to implement change effectively in your organization.

Participants will:

  • Explore the levels of culturally competent practices and how our behaviors impact client outcomes.
  • Understand the three major reasons many diversity and inclusion efforts fail.
  • Learn the challenges associated with shifting culture in organizations and the lifecycle of change efforts.


  • Presentation slides

This program is great for organizations and teams experiencing changes in leadership or merging with another group. If you are experiencing a workplace change, this program is for you.

Imperfect Harmony: Using DEI Strategies to Strengthen Team Dynamics

Cultural competency requires being committed to best practices, not just awarenessDEI done right is like composing beautiful music. At the end of this program, you may shout, “hallelujah!” as you reflect on your current workplace strategies. In this program, take a musical journey to explore the benefits of DEI to your organization and learn how cultural competency lends itself to better leaders and more effective teams.

Participants will:

  • Engage the five core values cultural competency brings to organizations.
  • Explore how to navigate workplace mistakes related to cultural misunderstandings.
  • Understand how culturally competent teams lead to an organizational hallelujah moment.


  • Presentation slides
  • Workplace conversation cards
  • “Making DEI a Priority” basic strategy tool

Journey along on a musical journey that illustrates the importance of practicing cultural competency in the workplace. This program is excellent for organizations seeking to jumpstart their DEI efforts or for Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) seeking to generate excitement and engagement.

Live Your IDEAL Life by Removing the Clutter and Discovering your Call

What we do reflects who we are, even in the way we express our gifts. Our actions are the fruit we bear, and this program will allow team members the opportunity to explore and cultivate their gifts. This motivating program does not tell team members who they should be or help them become more like some version of success in popular culture. But at the end of this program participants will have the healthy perspective they need to avoid distractions, focus on the present moment and savor the good things they have right now.

Participants will:

  • Be empowered to operate at their full potential in the organization and personal lives.
  • Explore the five keys to living their IDEAL lives to maximum satisfaction and work performance.
  • Be reminded that they have the power to shape their own life and make it the best it can be.


  • Presentation slides
  • “IDEAL Me” mini workbook

Do you want a motivational presentation to inspire your team, leaving them full of hope and joy after a convention or retreat? This program will get the job done. It is inspired by Glen’s lifelong journey to experience the best that life has to offer and how he can share that gift with others.

Past Engagements

“Glen also stood out to us with his Certified Virtual Presenter credential. As an organization making a pivot to a virtual event for the first time due to COVID-19, having an experienced virtual presenter for this topic was extremely important to us. Glen is one of the most engaging virtual speakers that I have seen and is completely deserving of the designation. He incorporated a wide variety of techniques, including the use of music, polls, audience participation, and more. The hour went by in a flash and everyone was engaged throughout the program.”

Lindsey Flick Sullivan
Healthcare Business Management Association Education Manager

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